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Artist Bio

Melissa Solley, a Seattle-based artist, has made a lifelong commitment to enriching the world with her unique creative expression. Born and raised in Sacramento, California, she moved to Seattle in 2019 after being deeply inspired by the art and beauty of the city and its surroundings.

Graduating with a focus in Illustration and Comic Emphasis from the Academy of Art University, Melissa immediately ventured into the literary world as the published illustrator of the beloved children's book "Disco Loves to Dance," authored by Brian Barlics. Melissa Solley has shown her work at Red Door Studio Gallery in Sacramento, California. She has also created work for independent films and stage. Melissa was selected to be a featured artist in the 2021 Aphantasia Expo. In addition to personal commissions and growing a social media following, Melissa sells her work through her Etsy (Deep Love Studios), where she shares her prints and other works with art enthusiasts around the globe. She also works as an Art Director for a Los Angeles based social media marketing company.
Melissa Solley creates whimsical and emotive portraits along with fanciful scenes that evoke both wonder and introspection through the use of line, color, and geometry. Melissa's art is greatly inspired by her love of the greats, such as Alphonse Mucha, Gustav Klimt, Monet, and John Singer Sargent. She draws stylistic inspiration from art nouveau, impressionism, pin-up, and graphic novels. Melissa specializes in various mediums including watercolor, gouache, gold leaf, digital painting, pencil, ink, acrylic, and clay sculpture; being a voracious learner, she is always adding new techniques and mediums to her skillset.  Melissa creates art while living with aphantasia (the inability to visualize within her mind's eye) and uses references, gestures, and nature to inspire her work.
Melissa's primary career aspiration is more than just making art—it's about using her creative gifts to inspire others while contributing to making the world a better place. She continues to evolve and grow as an artist and remains committed to this mission. Always eager to inspire through her diverse artistic expressions, her mission to live authentically is fundamental to her work as an educator. 

Want to work with Melissa? Send an email to (Subject: INQUIRY).

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