The Writer

Melissa Solley spent seven years as a forms and publications subject matter expert (SME) for the State of California. As a SME, she applied her writing skills in numerous areas, including but not limited to: creating content for the web, training manuals, policy documentation, proofing/editing, memorandums, email drafting, and legislative analysis.

In her personal time, cultivated a social media presence on Instagram and YouTube. She's written inspirational guidance and articles for her followers since 2016. Listed below are excerpts and examples of her work.

January 25, 2025

An excerpt:

"What is a Twin Flame?

Out of all of the souls in existence, there is only one other soul that has an identical frequency to you. This energetic match is your twin flame (sometimes referred to as a sacred or divine partner) and is a connection unlike any other. While there are many individuals we encounter in our lifetime which have a near perfect match (commonly referred to as soul mates), only a select few will encounter their true twin flame while incarnated. You and your twin flame were created together at the dawn of time. The inexplicable bond between two twins transcends the limitations of space and time and can never be broken."

Instagram Guidance (Deep Love Studios)

Quote and Guidance (June 2018)

"Talent is another word for the marriage between passion and discipline. - Melissa Solley"

Fight for your passions like your life depends on it, because it does. That is exactly what is at stake, and it is never too late.

Deep Love,

Instagram Guidance (Deep Love Studios)

Quote and Guidance (May 2018)

"Bring the elements of lucid dreaming into your waking life and watch reality shift to accommodate your vast vision. - Melissa Solley"

Don’t limit your dreams to fit the world’s expectations; change the world to accommodate your vision. Many people think this is impossible - far from it. It requires dedication, trust, and uncomfortable moments on the journey. In reality, many people are too afraid to pay the price to realize their visions, whether that price be emotion, tangible, or something entirely different. Make your choice and realize it is always a choice.

Deep love,